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תכנית הכנס האקדמי

December 16&17, 2012

Bar-Ilan University

Weisfeld Hall


Day 1: Sunday, December 16
Registration and Coffee break   09:45-10:00
Opening Statements   10:00-10:15

Professor Moshe Kaveh, President, Bar-Ilan University

Professor Zemira Mevarech, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences


.Professor Luigi Zingales, University of Chicago, Keynote Address: The Value of Integrity   10:15:11:00
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Break   11:00-11:15

?Professor Bernard Black, Northwestern University: What Matters in Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets   11:15-12:00
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.Professor Colin Mayer, Oxford University: The Micro Macro and International Design of Financial Regulation   12:00-12:45
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Lunch Break   12:45-13:30

?Professor James Ang, Florida State University: Clawing Back Executive Compensation: Will Dodd-Frank Matter   13:30-14:15
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Professor Joseph Fan, Chinese University of Hong Kong: Revisiting the Bright and Dark Sides of Capital Flows in Business Groups

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.Professor Yaniv Grinstein, Cornell University: Good Monitoring, Bad Monitoring   15:00-15:45
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Day 2: Monday, December 17
Registration and Coffee break   10:00-10:30

Dr. Alon Raviv, Bar-Ilan University: Executive Compensation, Risk Taking and the State of the Economy.petition for Managerial Talent.   10:30-11:15
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.Professor Assaf Hamdani, Hebrew University: Concentrated Ownership: Idiosyncratic Values versus Private Benefits   11:30-12:00
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Lunch   12:00-13:00

.Professor Andrew Ellul, Indiana University: Risk Sharing within Firms around the World   13:00-13:45
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.Professor Ernst Maug, University of Mannheim: Labor Representation in Governance as an Insurance Mechanism   13:45-14:30
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Break   14:30-14:45

.Professor Katherine Litvak, Northwestern University: Using a Randomized Experiment to Measure the Impact of Firm Governance on Information Quality, Capital Raising, and Investment   14:45-15:30
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.Professor Alon Brav, Duke University: The Real Effects of Hedge Fund Activism   15:30-16:15
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    Conference open to the general public, including Luigi Zingales talk on his book and a Panel discussion   17:00-19:00
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