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מאמרים במימון הקתדרה



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מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2013 Remedies for Breach of Loyalty in the Corporation  Amir Licht

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2014 The Regulation of Financial Institutions, Executive Compensation and Risk Taking

Jens Hilscher, Yoram Landskroner and Alon Raviv

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2016  Regulatory Inertia and Interest Groups:
Empirical Evidence from Securities Regulation
Asaf Eckstein

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2016 Against Fairness: The Absent Place of Fairness in the Duty  of Loyalty in Israeli Law  Amir Licht

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2016 Dividends from Unrealized Earnings, Financial Distress   and the Cost of Debt  Ester Chen, Ilanit Gavious     and Nadav Steinberg


מאמרים שפורסמו


מאמרים במימון הקתדרה  2011 Israel Economic Review How Does The Quality of Corporate Governance Affect the Market Value of Business Firms in Israel? Beni Lauterbach and Menashe Shahmoon

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2011  Int. J. of Corporate Governance

Estimating the Private Benefits of Control from Partial Control Transfers: Methodology and Evidence

Ronen Barak
and Beni Lauterbach

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה  2012  Advances in Finacial Economics  Firm-Specific Factors Affecting the Private Benefits of Control in Concentrated Ownership Economies  Ronen Barak and Beni lauterbach

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2012  J. of Financial Stability  Executive Compenstation, Risk Taking And the State of the Economy  Alon Raviv and Elif Sisli-Ciamarra

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2012 Annals of Financial Economics Executive Short-Term Incentive, Risk-Taking and Leverage- Neutral Incentive Scheme Guy Kaplanski and Haim Levy

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2012 Israeli Quarterly Review of Economics Changes in Controlling Shareholders' Holdings: Another Vehicle for Private Benefits Extraction?
(in Hebrew)
Menachem (Meni) Abudy, Beni Lauterbach, Oren Kapah and Eyal Yaniv

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2013 J. of Modern Accounting and Auditing Ownership Concentration and the Value Effect of Related Party Transaction Yaron Amzaleg and Ronen Barak

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה  2015 Journal of Corporate Finance The Long-Term Valuation Effects of Voluntary Dual Class Share Unifications Beni Lauterbach and Anete Pajuste 

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2015 Advances in Financial Economics 

Changes in Controlling Shareholders’ Holdings: Do They Entail Financial Tunneling?

Menachem (Meni) Abudy and Beni Lauterbach

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2015 Corporate Governance: An International Review The Media and Firm Reputation Roles in Corporate Governance Improvements: Lessons from European Dual Class Share Unifications Beni Lauterbach and Anete Pajuste

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2016 Journal of Accounting Research Voluntary Disclosure with Informed Trading in the IPO Market

raveen Kumar, Nisan Langberg and  K. Sivaramakrishna

מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2016 Journal of Network Theory In Finance

Directors' Networks and Firm Valuation in a Concentrated Ownership Structure Economy

Ronen Barak           and Oren Kapah

 מאמרים במימון הקתדרה 2017 

Harvard Business Law Review

Skin In The Game: Aligning The Interests  Of Credit Rating Agencies, Proxy  Advisors, And Investors  Asaf Eckstein 



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